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Boncafé Middle East is a renowned supplier of high quality coffee, domestic and professional coffee machines, grinders, blenders and other beverage equipment and products to both food service and retail markets in the UAE. We offer our clients professional coffee solutions, training and, what is extremely significant, access to technical support.

Boncafé was established in Singapore in 1962 and founded Boncafé Middle East in 2003 evolving into becoming a leading manufacturer and supplier of fresh roast and ground gourmet coffee. A renowned distributor of domestic and commercial coffee machines and producers of a variety of beverage mixes and along with our partners in Switzerland, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Malaysia, Boncafé has become one of the leading suppliers and roasters of fine coffee in the region.

From the 1st August 2014 Boncafé Middle East became a proud member of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, which acquired full equity share capital of the entire Boncafé Group inclusive of the roasting plants in Thailand and Singapore. The Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group is the largest private company in the coffee industry and owns a network of successful companies and international brands such as Segafredo Zanetti, Chock full o’Nuts, Kauai and Hill Bros (USA), and Meira (Finland).

To consistently deliver brewing excellence through our products, services and relationships.

Be a leader in the gourmet coffee, tea and foodservice industry by committing to a culture of quality, excellence, integrity and passion for all things brewed.


Regarding one another with respect and promoting a culture of harmony.


Committed to consistent delivery of quality and service excellence.


Nurturing an eagerness to keep learning to maintain our competitive edge


Ensure our products and services truly add value to our customers’ business


Boncafé was originally established in Singapore in 1962. The founder Mr Werner Ernst Huber, a Swiss National and commodities trader with an expatriate wife who was lamenting about having a hard time finding a decent cup of coffee in Singapore. Inspired by their exchange, he opened a small business roasting 100% pure gourmet coffee. Under Mr Huber’s vision and experience in commodity trading to acquire samples of green coffee beans. With a small battery-operated coffee roaster, he began his lifelong passion in building the brand, Boncafé, into a household name with a regional presence. Today, Boncafé products and services are actively distributed in various markets around the world including South East Asia, Asia, Indian Sub-Continent & Indian Ocean, Middle East, Europe, Africa and South America.


Boncafé Middle East offers the complete package from the finest gourmet coffee blends, premium coffee machines & equipment brands all in addition to the full Segafredo Zanetti portfolio.

With our extensive range of coffee & beverage products & services we provide a strong portfolio and a ‘one stop shop’ for coffee shop design or the complete beverage supply solution. Offering preventative maintenance programs, technical assistance, formidable after sales support, certified Barista training courses and beverage menu development these services are available through our experienced and professional in-house Barista Trainers, mixologist, our certified and highly skilled technical & maintenance team.

Our clients are thirsty for both fine gourmet coffee and coffee knowledge, ours is the role of the advisor and educator to provide this ‘complimentary’ specialist service through the art of coffee making and various level training courses to ensure our clients make the finest coffees and beverages that can ultimately be produced!

As a major exporter of coffee and other premium products, Boncafé Middle East is a key supplier to distinguished HORECA & Foodservice companies throughout the Middle East and South-East Asia, with a continued support to our customers with an impeccable after sales service wherever their operations develop.



Boncafé Middle East offers a wide range of coffee blends with profiles for every scenario utilizing the expertise from both its roasting facilities in Thailand and Italy.

Combinations of coffee beans are sourced from Central and South America, Africa and India and roasted the ‘Traditional Italian’ way with the highest grade of Brazilian Arabica beans selected for our original Italian roast.

Carefully selected Thai beans are a combination of Arabica beans from the ‘Misty Mountains’ of the North and Robusta beans from the ‘Red Earth’ soil which are roasted and blended to perfection at the company’s own roasting plant using the most modern fluid-bed roasting technology.

Segafredo boasts of coffee plantations in Brazil with Nossa Senhora Da Guia considered as the largest single plantation in the world, Hawaii and Costa Rica with Vietnam soon to be added to the list. Coffees are cultivated and picked with the most accurate control at each stage guaranteeing a superior and constant quality from the plant to the cup and always employ production techniques that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Boncafé and Segafredo coffee laboratories assure stringent quality control and tractability of each single production batch.

Modern packaging technology (nitrogen-flushing, one-way valves) and pressurised tins preserve the unique coffee flavours, aromas and taste guaranteeing consistent great top quality and freshness.