The definition of a good cup of coffee is subjective and largely based on personal preference. There are many ways to brew a satisfying cup, but to ensure satisfaction, we recommend a few basic points to note:

  • Use fresh coffee beans
    Use only freshly roasted coffee beans that have been properly stored away from heat, air, sunlight and moisture.
  • Grind just before brewing
    Investing in a coffee grinder will ensure the best possible flavour from your coffee. If beans are left ground in open air, they will go rancid within 20 minutes.
  • Always use a clean coffee brewer
    The build-up of oily deposits can make coffee taste bitter. Therefore, make it a point to clean the equipment regularly. Cleansing tablets are available at Boncafé.
  • Always use clean water heated to just before boiling point
    Boiling for too long or re-boiling the water expels the oxygen naturally dissolved in water and will result in a flatter, lusterless brew.
  • Use the right proportion of coffee to water
    We recommend that you use approximately 10 grams of ground coffee for every 180 ml of water. Adjust the amount of coffee to taste.
  • Always drink coffee freshly brewed
    Serve coffee immediately to enjoy its full, rich flavour and aroma. Never reheat cold coffee, as it will boil away the flavour of the coffee.

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